Learning Rails in the middle of a plague

June 19, 2020

an mine hall

Here I'm, it's 2020, we are in the middle of a plague and I'm learning Rails.

I live in a loop of choosing a technology, learning it, regret the choice and start over. I'm tired of it, I need to get my projects done and get out of this infinite cycle that is driving me mad. So I stopped everything and started thinking on how to make a choice and stick to it, influenced by this essay I decided to choose a boring technology, but wich one? There are so many options in the market.

I did some research and ended up with two options, PHP and Rails, initialy I choosed to learn PHP, primarly because i've already writed some code with it in some projects in the past, but the language don't catched me and some things sounded ankward so I gave up in learning PHP. After that, Ruby becamed my hope, I readed very good things about Ruby and RoR and that awakened my curiosity, Rails is very used by startups with so many success cases and by solo developers to launch their projects and that's my main purpose, launch my projects and stop losing time with things that don't matter. I feel that Rails is the right choice, it's rock solid, have a good community and tons of resources in the internet. That's sounds very good and promising, I'm In!

Rails will free me to experiment new things, I will be able to mess with new technologies without worry or feel the necessity of making something real to justify the time put in, and that's the fun in learning new technology, experiment and discover new things, having fun doing that.

That choice have something in common with this blog, i'm a fan of the KISS principle and I try to follow it in most things that I do. This website is a example, handcrafted maded in pure HTML and CSS, without a CMS, frameworks or static site generators and zero Javascript. The Ruby language have that simplicity that I try to follow, and with that I can focus in creating a good product and in my clients that in the end is what matters.


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